Public Health Insurance from Technische Krankenkasse (TK)

TK is a public health insurance company, founded in Leipzig in 1884. They sees themselves as a modern service based company, and they advertise their flexibility in dealing with customers. Techniker Krankenkasse offers a high level of all round protection. Increasingly, new TK members today come from occupations in the commercial area, the services sector and the communications industry.

TK has been ranked as the best German public health insurance from Focus Money in its publication from July 2020.

If you are interested in contracting your public health insurance with the TK, we kindly advise you to contact us in order to receive some additional information also in English which should make it easy for you to fill in the forms.

As a premium member, we will guide you step by step through the necessary forms so that you don't waste time and get your insurance coverage as quick as possible.