Car Insurance from AllSecur

AllSecur Deutschland AG is currently one of the leading online providers for car insurance. A recent study has shown that 99% of their customers are satisfied with the company.

With its competitive internet rates, AllSecur offers a simple and individualized product and pricing, including the possibility to sign up for contracts online. AllSecur is specifically aimed at customers who want to independently choose and manage their inexpensive car insurance online.


Stiftung_Warentest_AllSecur_Car_InsuranceStiftung Warentest rates them ‘far better' than their competitors, as well as much less expensive.




Focus Money has given them an overall rating of ‘very good.' The rating was the result of a survey of over 2000 customers from 36 insurance companies, based on customer service, products offered, customer communication, the price vs. performance ratio, customer service and the fairness of claims settlement for the overall evaluation.