Mobile Rates & Plans

In the sections below, we have listed a selection of recent phone and internet offers based on the results of comparative investigations undertaken in an impartial and objective way from Stiftung Warentest. The challenge is sorting through all of your many options. With more than 4.000 different plans being offered (and more added every week) the difficulty is choice. However, with this much competition, prices remain very reasonable, and you won't have a problem finding an affordable plan to suit your needs.

SW_FIn order to make finding the appropriate plan as easy as possible, we have divided the choices below based on how much you use your phone. The plans have been analyzed from Finanztest in its March 2015 publication.

Detailed results can be found online, for more information visit

Plans for Frequent Use

All the below contracts include LTE with at least 25 MBit/s, a telephone flat fee within the entire German landline and mobile network and a SMS flat fee. Usually, such contracts are signed for 24 months with a notice period of 3 months.

Plans for Light Use

All of the options listed below target mostly users with a low consumption, and as a result most of them are pay as you go:

If you would like to access a larger range of mobile tariff offers, please check out the list on the check24 website.