Check out the “Berlin Startup Salary Report”

According to the Institute for Strategy Development (IFSE), which recently published its report on the tech hub called Booming Berlin: A Closer Look at Berlin’s Startup Scene, startups are a major employer of internationals:

The 620,000 registered foreigners in the city make up 16.5 percent of Berlin’s total population. The city is a long way ahead of the German average (8.9  percent of total population). According to Berlin Partner, 186 different nationalities reside in the city. This is not only reflected in the multicultural cityscape but also within the startup scene. With 49 percent of its startup employees not being German citizens, Berlin’s startup workforce is more diverse than Silicon Valley’s (45 percent foreign workers) and only topped by London according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report.

Salary Grid

The Berlin Salary Survey was answered by 3,388 respondents, 60% of whom already reported to live in Berlin. There was a very high concentration of nonGerman respondents (nearly 80%), likely to have been influenced by the survey’s availability solely through the english language.

Please find here further details about the study and the key learnings. You can download the report directly here.