Accident insurance is intended to cover severe financial consequences following an accident. Unfortunately, not every insurance is good. If you have such a policy insurance in the past, you should review your contract and eventually find an insurance with better conditions. In its October 2014 publication, Stiftung Warentest has tested 124 policies, from which only five have been rated “very good” (sehr gut). A further forty policies have been rated “good” (gut).

Below, you will find the five most highly rated offers:

If you would like to access a larger range of compensation/accident insurance offers, please review such a list with our partner check24. Further details about the results of the tests conducted from Stiftung Warentest can be accessed here.

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This selection of recommended suppliers is mainly based on the results of comparative investigations undertaken in an impartial and objective way from trustworthy institutions and magazines such as Stiftung WarentestTÜVÖkotest or Focus Money

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