In Germany most contracts for car insurance terminate at the end of the year, giving you the yearly opportunity to switch contracts for a better price. This gives you the chance to compare prices every year, which is worthwhile, as you can often save up to a few hundred euro on your yearly premium. If you give notice of  cancellation of your policy before November 30th, you will be able to switch to a cheaper provider for the next year.

The competitive landscape in the German car insurance field is changing. Twenty years ago almost all contracts in Germany were sold by insurance brokers. Today, only about half are sold through traditional channels. One in two customers either buy their coverage directly online or seek information about it on the Internet before going to their broker. Here we sort through the most highly rated types of insurance for you:

Below, these four providers have the best scores for liability insurance coverage (Haftpflicht):

Below, these two providers have with the best scores for liability and third party, fire and theft insurance coverage (Haftpflicht & Teilkasko):

Below are four of the providers with the best scores in regards of fully comprehensive insurance coverage (Haftpflicht und Vollkasko):

If you are more interested in getting insurance in person, rather than online, the following company has several offices in different locations:

The following companies offer policies by phone and email only:

A larger range of car insurance offers is available on check24. Further details about the results of the tests conducted from Stiftung Warentest can be accessed here.