Galeria Kaufhof

Galeria Kaufhof is a giant department store at Alexanderplatz in Berlin, but to save you trouble, their entire store is also available online. Get everything you need delivered directly to your door, and find special deals online. They have everything from luxury foods, shoes and clothing, to that portable bbq you've been meaning to get for summer:

Computers and Electronics at Gravis

Gravis is where you can buy the latest Apple computers and fulfill all your other digital lifestyle requirements. With many physical locations as well as their online store, they are convenient and pride themselves on their personal consultations for customers. Although they sell many different manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony, they are most known as Germany's biggest retail chain Apple products, and Apple's largest service partner in Europe.

Founded in 1986 in Berlin, they have a few different locations in the city, including one on Friedrichstr. in Mitte. Click on the link below to get the newest gadgets.

Best Car Rental Prices from Check24

Check24 is a German comparison website, that compares prices for different companies across many different fields. As car rental costs can vary so widely, we recommend checking here first before deciding on a company to rent a car.

Renting a car can be a great option for the most travel flexibility in Germany. When you first move to Germany, you will be able to use a driver's license from another country, but if staying long term, you should trade in your license for a German one. The procedures for changing your license vary from country to country, but this is where you'll have to go to switch your license in Berlin:

Inexpensive and unique Insurance with Friendsurance

Friendsurance is a unique approach to making insurance affordable. By connecting people with the same insurance into groups of ten, if there are no claims on the insurance in a year from anyone in the group, each member gets a cash-back bonus. Solving the frustration of paying high premiums without getting anything in return, Friendsurance offers a completely different structure to other insurance companies, and very affordable prices. Your group is assigned to you when you sign up, or there is an option to select the members of your group yourself.

They offer many different types of insurance, at very good rates, including liability insurance, home insurance, as well as the individual insurance of expensive electronics, such as laptops, cameras and mobile phones. Get rewarded for not making claims, while still having the piece of mind of being protected.

Learn German with Babbel

Once you are in Germany, it's time to start learning the language. Make it a little easier on yourself by using Babbel. Babbel is one of the leading online language learning tools, and with an app you can install on your phone, you can squeeze in a little bit of language learning throughout the day. As they say themselves,

“Babbel makes language learning easy, effective and convenient for everyone. With our courses, you’ll learn by doing and progress fast. The course material is broken into small blocks that are useful in everyday life: grammar and vocabulary practice are built into units that focus on practical things like getting to know someone, ordering food in a restaurant, shopping, or sightseeing. Babbel’s courses are in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and supported by millions of happy users.”

Follow the link to start learning German:


Online Food Delivery from Lieferheld

Lieferheld is a fairly new service in Germany that has been expanding rapidly. It makes getting food delivered really easy, as you can do it all through an app on your phone and pay in advance. You simply download their app, or go to their website and type in your location, then choose from a list of available options that are close to you. They have a large variety of participating restaurants, and it's the perfect fast solution for food after a long day. Check out the link below:

Lieferheld Deals

You can download the lieferheld App from both App-Stores or visit the Lieferheld Website here. We will inform you regularly about news deals incl. vouchers.