Household insurance from Check24

Check24 is a German comparison website, that compares prices for different companies across many different fields, especially for household insurances. Simply type in the size of your apartment/house in m2 and the different required information (address incl. postal code, bicycle coverage,…) and the easy online tool will show you the different tarifs available for your area.

Save Money on Prescriptions with DocMorris

DocMorris is an online pharmacy that is both convenient and less expensive than the same products in the physical store.  In Germany visiting the Apotheke (Pharmacy) can become a frequent chore, because you need to ask at the counter for many products, such as aspirin for example, that are usually available off the shelf in other countries. This problem is easily solved by simply ordering what you need online. There is still a highly qualified pharmaceutical team that is waiting to help you, just no line-ups and better prices.


Please visit the DocMorris Website and order your medicinal and pharmaceutical products with no delivery costs. We will inform you here regularly about new deals.

Inexpensive and unique Insurance with Friendsurance

Friendsurance is a unique approach to making insurance affordable. By connecting people with the same insurance into groups of ten, if there are no claims on the insurance in a year from anyone in the group, each member gets a cash-back bonus. Solving the frustration of paying high premiums without getting anything in return, Friendsurance offers a completely different structure to other insurance companies, and very affordable prices. Your group is assigned to you when you sign up, or there is an option to select the members of your group yourself.

They offer many different types of insurance, at very good rates, including liability insurance, home insurance, as well as the individual insurance of expensive electronics, such as laptops, cameras and mobile phones. Get rewarded for not making claims, while still having the piece of mind of being protected.

Home Insurance from Asstel

Asstel offers inexpensive home insurance. They are based in Cologne, and has been operating since 1997. Besides break ins or damage, home insurance can protect you from many other annoying or extra costs, such as your bicycle being stolen, losing your keys and having to call a locksmith, and even the costs of removing a wasp's nest! Asstel offers three levels of cover, a basic, plus, and comfort level, and are highly rated by their customers, with a score of 4.4 out of 5 by 962 customers.


Visit the ASSTEL Website for more information and to sign up here.

Accident Insurance from SHB

SHB is a German insurance company, and their accident insurance was given the rating of ‘Very Good' by Stiftung Warentest. They offer an accident insurance that is valid worldwide, at a competitive rate. For more information, follow this link here


Compensation/Accident Insurance Offer

  • SHB P500 (Komfort)

Accident Insurance from SwissLife

SwissLife is one of Europe's leading comprehensive life insurance providers. With headquarters in Zurich, they have been in operation since 1857. They offer the security of a reliable brand, while still attaching great importance to innovation. They offer a competitively priced accident insurance, that protects you in case of any major accidents that cause injury or death. Although it is only in German, they offer a fairly simple online calculation tool here that will give you an estimation of your premiums based on your age, what you would like covered and other factors:

The following policy from SwissLive was ranked as the best compensation/accident insurance from Stiftung Warentest in its October 2015 publication: SwissLive P350 (Primus Plus).